Thursday, October 8, 2009

Celcom Broadband

The cheapest package for Celcom broadband 3G, currently, is at RM68 per month. The package named BROADBAND BASIC D68, provides a max speed of 384 kbps, and does not require any contract, i.e. users can stop using the service anytime without incurring any penalty.

You need to have a 3G USB modem to connect to the world wide web. Hence, the k3565 model is recommended, which costs RM148, although you can get cheaper models for less than RM100. For broadband capability anywhere and everywhere (ehem, not really) you have to spend RM248 the first time lest you already have a the USB modem at your disposal.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Budget Desktop

Many would probably not have heard of the brand eMachines in computing or perhaps notice it but would opt for brands already synonymous with the likes of Desktop PCs and laptops. My first PC came with an eMachines monitor and that was 9 years back. It's that monitor that is being used to substitute a broken down Samsung Monitor.

Two days back, I spotted an eMachines desktop PC set with a price tag of RM1,239. In my opinion, the package that came with that price is indeed most attractive. It embodies a minimalist and sleek design and comes in a white finish. I was most drawn to the 20" flat screen monitor and the specifications were nothing short of satisfying for a budget PC. I recalled the 2.4GHz Athlon processor, 320GB hard disk, 1GB DDR2, Nvidia graphic card which my friend claims to have no problem executing high end 3D games.

I would love to have one but with other more important priorities I'd have to hold back this desire. And for anyone looking for a low cost desktop PC that has looks and performance built into one, this is most definitely worth considering. Seriously man. Oh ... for a preview of this hardware you can head to the computer shop that's just in front of Eaton's bookstore at the 3rd Floor of Centre Point.

Thinking of a Robot

My friend and I, we have been discussing about the use of a robot for trading and this concluded with a purchase of one EA. Well, actually my friend bought it and I will follow suit soon.

He started will a small capital of usd29 and have since grown to usd42 in 3 days. Lot size is set at 1 cent per pip. I would consider this a huge growth in fund size with a sound risk management strategy. Maybe it's too soon to push a judgment but I am convinced that using this EA can work.

The robot has been programmed to scalp with a max of 10pips target point for every post ... at least that's what I've heard. The potential of having our post floating for days is also possible as my friend currently experience. I wonder whether this is the norm, since he hasn't been following exactly the recommendations set forth. The drawback to this system is that it does not have a automated stop loss.

Even so, I am keen on making the purchase and trying it for myself. If it helps pay the bills then I am grateful enough.