Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saving with Compatible Inks

I have been using my Canon i865 since 2002 and it performs splendidly to date. It has separate ink cartridges for Black, Cyan, Yellow and Magenta which is something to be considered when you're looking to buy a new printer. The price of original ink cartridges for this model ranges between RM30-35. Even with the relatively reasonable price of the originals, I still prefer using compatible inks as it comes in half the price.

My economical choice is PrintRite manufactured inks which costs RM15. Today, I decided to experiment with another brand called Saber which is a cheaper alternative (RM9). I found that the outcome was alright when printing coloured text and graphics. Hence, Saber inks are a sure choice for future replacements.

Total cost of a complete set of original ink cartridges - RM150
Total cost of a complete set of compatible ink cartridges - RM45
Cost saving - RM105