Friday, April 24, 2009


Thinking happy thoughts by listening to positive sounding music. Lenka's acoustic live version of 'We Will Not Grow Old' has a catchy tune. One of her songs became part of the soundtrack for a tv series 'Grey's Anatomy'.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still Alive - Lisa Miskovsky

The OST for Mirror's Edge game.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Short Film - Funeral

Directed by Yasmin Ahmad

"... it's these small things that you remember, the little imperfections that make them perfect for you ..."

A short film. Little things mean a lot more if we let open our hearts.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Classic PC Games

In the early 90's, before the Pentium era, computer games came in floppy disks and running these games required some basic programming commands. Earlier gaming lacked the visual realism of today but it was engaging nonetheless.

My late dad owned an IBM computer back then and he had quite a collection of games stored in floppy boxes. Games that I had played on that computer were 'Elvira', 'Stealth Fighter F117A', 'Future Wars' and other titles which I have difficulty recalling.

I especially love games that involve a combo of riddles, puzzles and some armed combat whenever necessary. One such example of this category is 'Elvira'. I wasn't able to complete this game because I couldn't track the dead body that I had slayed and then fell into a moat. In retrospect, I realized what I did wrong and I know what needs to be done. Sadly, I lost possession of the game which I was so close to reaching the ending!! Sayang betul!

'Elvira' is a witch character whom you have to rescue. This role playing horror game takes place in a castle. Within the walls lie so many challenges. You will have to take on the guards, fight off undead creatures with spells and swords, learn archery, swim in a moat and risk drowning, explore chambers and secret catacombs, mix various potions to apply on the enemy, solve puzzles and lastly come face to face with the ultimate evil.

Sharing similar interesting gaming experiences was Future Wars and another sci-fi adventure game where you are a designate undercover agent with a mission to save the planet from annihilation. Humans, aliens and robots alike live together. Whilst carrying out duties, be very careful of what questions or statements you make. One wrong move can get you killed. I haven't been able to complete these missions either because of matters that cannot be avoided.

If I could recover these games, I will complete them to fulfill my long lost gaming quest.

At present, I do not play any PC games because I could not find one that fits my preference. Moreover, I have other obligations now which denies me the time for this sort of entertainment. In other words, I live quite a serious life right now. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First reported casualty of Parkour

Taking a leap from a height twice of your own can easily cause injury if you are not physically conditioned or when the landing method screwed up. As in the case of one parkour practitioner in KK, he suffered a broken foot after a failed attempt to jumping off a 3 metres high structure, and is now hospitalized for some time.

An X-ray image of his foot shows clearly the severity of the impact. He is lucky that he'll fully recover. I suspect that this incident will not deter him launching from higher grounds but it's definitely telling that his body is not yet capable of absorbing the stress. More conditioning is due and this is a lesson to other traceurs out there.

Always exercise caution in your training and know your limits.