Sunday, October 26, 2008

Free Running

Free running, a.k.a parkour, is an extreme activity that is relatively new. It has made its first blockbuster film appearance in the James Bond - Casino Royale.

Practitioners are called traceurs and what they do is they basically traverse urban and natural landscapes by finding the shortest way to a certain path. For example, non-traceurs would descend a 2-storey building by going down the stairs. Whereas, free runners would just jump off from the building with no strings attached. There you have it ... travel time cut down to just 2 seconds ... :D. That is the concept of Parkour.

Part of Parkour's philosophy is that it can be useful in emergency situations. Such as escaping from a fiery building and things like that.

Jumping from high spots and landing gracefully is not the only factor that inspires most on-lookers. There are also the acrobatic elements, fluid manoevering in complex spaces and wall scaling capabilities that spark awe. The possibilities of creative expression through physical movement in intricate landscapes are limited only by our thoughts.

This activity is not only an unorthodox form of exercise but is also a creative form of expression to traceurs and brings them to a path of self realization or inner enlightenment. In other words, it affects the soul in a good way.

In Sabah, there are also a few practitioners of parkour and they recently debut their talents in Nexus, Karambunai Resort (13/10/08 to be exact). This small group of youths have had the opportunity to practice with foreigners as well. They currently host a forum (KK Parkour) dedicated to local parkour enthusiasts and individuals who want to know the latest happenings.

This is a commendable youth initiative to inculcate a positive vibe towards their generation. I wish them all the best and hope to meet them one day to experience their activity first hand. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Indonesian Song Resource

Want to listen to new Indonesian music? Then visit here GudangLagu.Com for lyrics, music and videos. Most music you can download for FREE in mp3 format.

Selective Memory Deletion

After a two decade research on selective memory erasure, there has been an interesting find which suggests the possibility that one day humans may be able to remove a specific memory that they don't want to remember, say for instance, traumatic experiences due to accidents or disasters.

Experiments have been carried out on mice which have been genetically modified to react to a chemical protein called alpha-CaM kinase II, which is known to play a role in learning and memory consolidation. These experiments look at the effects of the chemical on long-term and short-term memory, and apparently they have discovered methods to pin-point a specific memory to delete. However, the research is said to be still in its infancy stage and the likelihood of it being used in human therapy is still far fetched.

This is an intriguing discovery and if it can prove effective and harmless to humans it will certainly have substantive benefits in the medical field. And not surprisingly, with this kind of technology, it will also find itself being applied for malignant purposes.

Source : Selective Memory Erasure

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Papaya Tree

My cousin said that the papaya tree that grows at my mom's house compound is the first he's seen that looks different since the fruits grow very close together and in many numbers. The tree stands 7 feet tall and most of the fruits can be handpicked.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Observing Winpips in Action

This is the AU pair ... If you entered a BUY in the third image you would have eventually got 10 pips or more ...

An approach to trading

For those who have purchased the Winpips system, Congratulations! You have actually created yourself a track to success. But that's just the first step ... there's the learning process which is not that hard actually as the rules are quite simple to follow ... Harness your power of observation and you will achieve your goal ... It may sound easy but it is actually harder than you think ... but not that hard as well.

If you keep yourself in this loop when getting into forex then only you can succeed.

learn - observe - think - analyze - approach - act - repeat until it sticks and be part of your system

Learn - gain more knowledge on forex. Start with simple stuff like know when the best time to trade is, when to avoid trading, forex terms ...

Observe - Study the system you use intently. Do not take anything for granted. Every indicator tells a story. Learn to recognize an entry position. Failing to do so will lead you to getting more losses than profits.

Think - Always use your objective reasoning when trading. Never let your EMOTIONS control the way you trade.

Analyze - Try to analyze every trade you made. If you won, you must know why you won. And same goes for losing. When you lose, find out the reason for your losses. Knowing your weaknesses, you'll be able to improve significantly.

Approach - When trading, you must be in a relax manner, no stress, not tired.

Act - Enter a trade based on the system rules. Do not enter any trade based on a hunch, gut feeling or from any emotional influence.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Investments under Investigation

Investment programs have been thriving in numbers this year. These schemes have come under various guises to avert coming under scrutiny by the authorities. But sooner or later, their discreet HYIP (High Yield Investment Program) will get attention due to them.

Today I received an SMS from a friend informing that certain companies are being investigated under Bank Negara's jurisdiction and one of it is the name of the company he had introduced to me a few months back.

And 2 days ago, another friend wanted to meet me and introduce an investment program claimed to be operating legally. It turns out that he had to cancel the meeting due to news that his investment program is also being investigated.

I guess that it is best to avoid all manner of investment programs no matter how enticing it seems.

Winpips Trading Steps

Sometimes you may have to wait longer to profit. It is normal for a trend to REVERSE and resume the intended trend later. As in this example, while you enter a SELL the trend trace back upwards but will eventually go back down.

Also, to avoid unwanted disappointments, we should be careful when making an entry. To be safe, it's best to wait for a confirmed entry signal first. Wait for the candlestick to CLOSE. However, this is only my opinion ... I'm not saying this is the RIGHT way to enter but it is certainly safer ... I GUESS.

Winpips Trading Steps

When the timing is right, you can easily gain profits in minutes. Observe how the trade is made ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Winpips Entry Rules in Brief

A glance of Winpips V1 system and entry rules is shown here. In this case, a buy entry is executed when all requirements are met. You may take 7-10pips profit per trade. If you are interested in making money online, stop thinking and buy the Winpips system now. You can make the purchase by clicking on the WINPIPS banner visible in my blog. Price : RM40 ... Returns - Priceless!!

For new traders, it's best to test the system on DEMO before going into REAL ACCOUNT. Learn how the RULES apply in every trade and get consistent wins. Manage your money wisely.

Demo Trading using Winpips V1.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Fun with Faces

My wife found a very fun site called This interactive site allows you to upload your face and the program will do the necessary computation and render your face in a yearbook right from the 1950's up to 2000. It gives you an impression of how you would look like in those days. :). And best of all is you can save it into your pc or laptop.

Here are my CHARMING looks! Oh my GODD!!


1952 (Extra Gel on the Hair Please)

1954 (Wavy is in Vogue)

1956 (Office Smarts)

1958 (Clean Cut & Overkill on the Hair Gel)

1960 (Mind the Specs)

1962 (Specs is Still IN)

1964 (Hair Gel & Specs)

1966 (White Collar Look)

1968 (Hippie Locks)

1970 (Clerk Look)
(Wife says Austin Powers)

1972 (Young Manager)

1974 (Prom Night Gentleman)

1976 (Romeo)

1978 (???? No idea)

1980 (British Influence, maybe)

1982 (Personal Favourite)

1984 (Queen Elizabeth)

1986 (Messy)

1988 (Good Boy Look)

1990 (Mullet in Vogue)

1992 (Casual 90's)

1994 (Rap Era, yo Yo!)

1996 (Biasa Je)

1998 (Couch Potato)

2000 (From Couch Potato to Undergraduate)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Controversial Book


I downloaded a soft version of 'Hikayat Khairy' which was published in a book and circulated some years ago (2005) and deemed to be highly controversial material and that the author was subjected to sedition charges. I do not know what became of him/her and do not know who he is.

Whether ostensibly factual or false the contents of this book, this is an interesting read, in Bahasa Melayu, that makes us THINK, LOOK, OBSERVE ...


Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Started in Forex

A lot of people may be aware of forex trading but many may also not know how to begin. Different individuals have different approaches of learning new things.

As in learning forex, the fastest way to learn is by attending a mentoring session, which normally takes 2 days, because this is the time when you can learn the BASICS and interact with an experienced trader. Be willing to spend some MONEY in your quest in acquiring KNOWLEDGE because KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

Unfortunately, programs like these are rarely organized in Sabah and are normally available in West Malaysia. So whenever one is held here, take the opportunity to attend. Normally the FEE for such a program costs around RM500 and may even exceed RM1,000 which I feel is too costly. I think RM500 is quite a fair price.

Pertaining to the above, you might want to know that we also have a Sabahan who conducts FREE seminars and MENTORING programs locally. Before I met him I called him Donny but after some time I just referred him to as Don. This is our local 'sifu' or 'taiko' when it comes to trading. :). I also want to add that his charges are very WALLET FRIENDLY so don't miss his PROGRAMS.

He also does personal coaching for interested people out there but his coaching will only be limited to Penampang and KK areas only.

More info can be viewed from his blog in

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kimbo Vs Ken Shamrock Fight 'Switched'

I was shocked and disappointed with the unprecedented announcement that Ken Shamrock had to forfeit the fight due to a training injury (cut above Ken's eye that required 6 stitches) caused a day before the fight. The Florida State Athletic Commission officials denied the scheduled bout and reasoned that the rules did not permit.

However, it was not a complete let down as a new contender has been summoned. Seth (The Silverback) Petruzelli was the choice fighter to take on Kimbo Slice. Seth has a fight record of 10 wins and 4 losses with 7 ko's. Specializing in full contact Karate, Seth is said to be a more worthy fighter for Kimbo though not much info is found on the internet ultimately downsizing this contender as a 'no name' in MMA.

If so happens that the original bout went as planned, I would have to stick with my opinion that Shamrock will not be the one to win the fight given his previous dismal fight performances and age factor. Ken Shamrock would have been owned by Kimbo no doubt.

It was a huge upset for Kimbo fans on fight night (4/10/08) when Seth knocked the media-hyped street fighter legend in just 14 seconds. Seth has every reason to be thrilled for his victory! I didn't expect to see the fight end that fast but nonetheless I got my wish in seeing Kimbo lose in a professional fight.

At the onset, Kimbo immediately went into offensive and lunged with a forward left jab which Seth evaded. Seth's defensive took him to the cage where Kimbo then decided to pull a right upper cut which failed half way in execution after something that Seth did made him lose balance and fell face down. Seth wasted no time to land several hard strikes to Kimbo's head and face. Kimbo literally had no time to keep his guard and eventually the fight was stopped by the referee.

Extract from Yahoo! News :
Kimbo TKO by no-name in 14 seconds

Heavyweights: Seth Petruzelli (11-4) def. Kimbo Slice (3-1)
How: Ref stoppage in 14 seconds
Turning point: Petruzelli dropped Slice immediately with a jab and pummeled him with punch after punch until ref Troy Waugh stopped it.
Analysis: The ramifications here are numerous. Even if the television rating is big, the goose that laid the golden egg was exposed by a fighter who previously was known only to the most hardcore fans. In the long run, that is devastating to the company and for MMA on CBS. The future is very much up in the air.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kimbo Slice

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fruity In Design