Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah's New Song

Soothing songs I like. Characterized like Sarah Maclachlan's new track - U want me 2. More like lamenting music ...

MSN News - AirAsia profits down 95%

AirAsia profits plummet 95 percent in second quarter

Malaysian budget carrier AirAsia said Thursday its net profits plummeted 95 percent in the second quarter compared to a year ago, blaming high fuel costs and foreign exchange losses.

The region's biggest low-cost carrier posted net profits of 9.4 million ringgit (2.3 million dollars) for the three months to June, compared to 185.1 million ringgit a year earlier.

"This is a commendable performance given that unit fuel price increased by 65 percent to 142.5 dollars per barrel," said chief executive Tony Fernandes, adding that Malaysia's weakening currency led to a loss of 77 million ringgit.

Fernandes said revenues increased 41 percent in the quarter to 608 million ringgit, with a 20 percent increase in passenger load and a 16 percent rise in fares.

AirAsia said it was benefitting from the global economic slowdown, as more travellers -- including corporate cusotmers -- switched from full-service carriers to budget airlines.

It said a new fee for checked-in baggage introduced in the quarter has helped to compensate for some of the higher fuel cost "without undermining passenger demand."

Load factor -- the proportion of seats filled -- decreased to 76.4 percent from 80.7 percent a year earlier as capacity jumped 33 percent with the introduction of two Airbus A320s to the fleet.

The carrier had 43 aircraft by the end of the reporting period, up from 34 a year earlier.

AirAsia said its Thai operations "endured a challenging period due to escalating domestic political uncertainty."

Fernandes was characteristically bullish about the carrier's future.

"At a time when most airlines are cutting back on capacity and carrying fewer passengers, AirAsia continues to grow the business and expand the route network successfully," he said.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kujo - Breaker & Philosopher

Original and definitive dance style is what makes Jacob Lyons or commonly known as Krazy Kujo a bboy legend in his own right. The contribution to the evolution of bboying also came from this iconic dancer and philosopher. Bboy or bgirls are the present term for breakdancers and a lot has changed over time. We've seen this culture positively growing, especially in Korea where in Battle of the Year 2002 they showed the world unprecedented breaking prowess. Since then, they became seminal to the new class of breaking which has been emulated by bboys/bgirls all over the world.

Kujo has been and still is a great philosopher in his art, which has now expanded from breakdancing to other dance disciplines. His writings and thoughts are mostly influenced by other greats like Bruce Lee. His motto in general goes something like 'take the road less traveled' and 'try to break the limits of your physical confines' ... That pretty much sums up Kujo ...

He's one of my inspiration in life ... I guess that's how life should be ... Dare to chase our dreams, try new things, challenge ourselves and break our limits ... It brings us closer to our soul ... So here's to Kujo ...

I posted 2 videos, one of which features Kujo and another known as Bboy Jibaku of Japan. The latter has quite a similar style to Kujo, perhaps he idolizes him to the extent his appearance resembles the legend in a way.

Sleepless and Listless Nite

In a zombie mode half past 12am. Perfect time for contemplation for everything seems to be at ease. Instead, I rock quite silently with the Smashing Pumpkins on youtube. Listening to old mellow tracks is almost equivalent to having hot tea in a cool haven ... The night continues, the clock ticking to another odd hour ... I used to look out at the stars, but as the new century unfolds things began to speed up. Time has become relatively fast paced and days to nights were over in just a blink ... The order has changed as stated in the laws of physics. Entropy is taking place as it always has ... from order to disorder ... World at chaos ... from nature to politics ... matters are strewn and we're all screwed ... Mind me not ... I am not thinking straight ... about to doze off ... zzzzzzzzzz ...

Cat Exhibition Last Weekend

Due to the masculine nature of this site, no cute and cuddly pictures of domestic creatures will be shown. :). Actually lazy to upload...

So last weekend we had the International Cat Exhibition held at the Sabah Trade Centre, Likas. It was a 2 days event so we had ample time to go. My 350D Canon was again put to good use and my wife and I both took shots at the event.

Entrance fee was RM5 for adults and RM2 for all them kids out there. Also held that day was a property fair, I think. The attention was all at the CATS! Sadly though, some owners were not sporting enough to let us capture, let alone, get a glimpse of their pets. There were tensed moments as well between pet owners and paying patrons. I witnessed one father demanding an apology from a short curly haired woman for shouting at his kid for reasons unknown to me. I could see from her looks and overall disposition that she is the aggressive type female. A little disregard for politeness I must say ...

It was an exhibition and also a COMPETITION between cats irrespective of family origins ... This may explain the unkind ways of the owners ... They're tensed coz they want their cats to be at their best. So budding photographers or the general public are considered as interference to the psychology of the competing felines. Of course, not all owners behaved rudely. There were also those who allowed their most precious to be cuddled up in arms and to be patted.

Grooming areas are made available at various sections. Please note that these areas are only opened to cats per se.

Oklah ... here is the link to pictures taken while I was there CAT LINKS ... As I type this post my wife is busying herself with the simple touch ups of the cat pictures ... Quite a lot.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hello Forex. How are you?

It all happened in 2006, somewhere between October and December. Before this, I only knew that forex means the foreign exchange, buying and selling of currencies and nothing more. I also heard forex is an illegal investment at some point in my life.

My wife has a friend who is now my friend who just started learning about forex somewhere during the time periods mentioned above. As most of us are aware, 2006 marks the year when INTERNET INVESTMENTS were in vogue and later abruptly disappeared, leaving investors biting their teeth and worse. He was one of those caught up in the scam and also invested quite a handful ... After the ordeal, he sought for other opportunities, ones that did not suck and are legal ... Eventually, he delved into FOREX!!! His determination took him to attend courses and even attain personal mentoring at the Semenanjungs ... He has spent so much effort and money throughout this endeavour!!! (I salute him for persevering in chasing that elusive financial freedom everyone wished they could have.)

While he was doing his thing, my wife and I were involved in MLM which I now admit to as Meniaga Lain Macam ... :) . Since we rented his office space to conduct our business, we were able know each others' business progress. Back then, his main business was marketing tertiary education programs.

Anyway, when he got back from attending his first course on Forex, he was quite eager to share his new found knowledge with us. Even showing us how to download our trading platform, give ebooks, and some free practical trading experience ... That was our first official introduction and I was very thankful that it happened ...

To be continued ...

Daily SMS on Networking

In my previous post I wrote about a networking concept that promotes the use of wang pos as the basis for earning money. There are no products involved.

There's this acquaintance of mine who seems to be deeply involved in this. I can understand his enthusiasm for earning a few hundreds in a week. I know about his earnings coz he's constantly giving updates, or more rawly put, showing off via sms ... :)

I think as of last week and this week, he never missed a day to campaign about this biz through the convenient sms. Which I think has grown rather unduly and unnecessary. But sometimes people do tend to open up thru such continuous follow-ups @ friendly annoyance and subsequently join.

This is the nature of networking ... This is how you must do it! Show off and show off some more ... :D. There are other approaches as well, only this one takes the cake!!

Forex - Getting Personal

The foreign exchange, conveniently known as forex, is a trade full of opportunities for riches and also risks. For the experienced and professional traders, do not be alarmed if they could earn by the thousands within minutes. If you have a goal to be rich, then forex is one way of achieving it.

They make it sound so easy - Get USD3000 in 10 minutes - but more often than not it requires KNOWLEDGE and control. By control I mean your emotions. It wouldn't be fair to say that it is VERY DIFFICULT to be RICH either. Believe it or not, knowledge is only 10% in the winning prerequisite. 20% Money Management. And the rest is all how you manage yourself.

Two factors in the human condition that we should master are SELF-DISCIPLINE and EMOTIONS. Like for instance - Are you willing to learn? Are you willing to spend 2-3 hours trading online per day? Will you abide by the rules of the system (Technical Indicators) that you have? If you have achieved your target of USD50 per day, for example, will you be able to resist temptation to trade for more?

IF you think you are able to conform to the above, then you can be SUCCESSFUL!!!

In the coming posts, I will write about my journey into the world of forex ... It's time to get personal.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Butterfingers Kembali

Kembali are the Butterfingers ... They appeared recently on TV3 morning show and played their acoustic version of 'BEBAS'. The vibe of butter is quite different from the last I've heard. It's a sign of musical maturity that have brought new sounds very lovely to my ears. It's much more mellow and softer.

I hope to hear more of them on radio and tv ... This clip I found on youtube features one of the butter family. While I can accept the awry vocal distortion throughout, my wife couldn't ... For me, in a way, it's subtly disturbing but soothing from another perspective. To my wife, it's just sound and noise ... :)

This clip below is entitled Monoloque-Versi Rosak.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Voltron - Defender of the Universe

The 20th Century Fox-based production entity is close to a deal with the Mark Gordon Co. to adapt "Voltron: Defender of the Universe" into a live-action film. Gordon has been developing the pic, based on the popular 1980s Japanese animated TV series, comicbooks and toy line, with Justin Marks penning the script...

An alliance of 5 robotic lions form Voltron ... Created to stop the evil pervading the Universe led by the tyrant ... ummm ... I forgot ... hahaha ... Ok, in the animated series, the stage of voltron is earthbound and beyond. Planets depend on Voltron to protect them from harms way ... Gigantic beasts usually manifest themselves to give resistance to the forces of good, the Votron force, and as it is, good always triumph over evil.

It would be interesting to see how Voltron is brought up into the live film scenario. I like the way 'Transformers' was adapted. Though the autobots/decepticons weren't at all similar in design as in the animated series, I feel that this direction was the best way to go ... That being said, Voltron should depart from its animated design into something that looks more sophisticated, more RAW, and REAL ...

VOLTRON is a highly regarded creation of the 80's. I am among the millions of people who look up to the universe's saviour in that era ... Do not disappoint us all ... THE MOVIE MUST NOT FAIL TO EXCEL!

Redemption for Parking Offenders

Anyone who thinks if they don't pay their parking tickets and can get away with it are WRONG!

I also thought if I don't pay these tickets no authorities can take action ... hehehe ... I was misled by my former workmate ...

OFFENDERS will be given a chance to redeem themselves before 31 August 08. The FINE will be reduced to 95%. Which means that if your fine is RM2000, you only need to pay RM100. Kira hari pengampunan lah ni ... After 31 August, you will pay the original fine or face COURT action ... so which one you want?

I don't want to tunjuk terror, so this Monday I will go and settle. :). Don't say you have not been informed ...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh Mawar Khayalan

Malaysian indie band Laila's Lounge - Mawar Khayalan. This band has the potential to fly, Hopefully! ... With that I leave the lyrics for those who want to sing along. As for the vocally impaired, like me ... not advisable!

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan
Dia wajah yang berkeliaran
Aku, kudamba kehadirannya

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasi awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa

Seluas laut yang terbentang
Dan buihnya terapung di awangan
Derita, derita yang mencengkam
Cuba untuk aku bertahan
Dimana oh wajah yang berkeliaran
Sungguh kudamba kehadirannya

Oh mawar khyalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasi awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa
Kecewa tak bermakna
Semua hanyalah tipu daya
Modenisasi hanya…

Semua yang jadi tanda tanya
Buat hatiku tak keruan
Dia oh wajah yang berkeliaran
Aku, kudamba kehadirannya

Oh mawar khayalan
Bawaku terbang tinggi
Jauh rentasi awan
Dari duniaku yang hampa

Kecewa tak bermakna
Semua hanyalah tipu daya

Modenisasi hanya
Untuk haiwan di rimba
Globalisasi cuma
Jadi tuan si hamba
Ooo monarki untuk apa
Badut-badut istana

Oh mawar khayalan

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fx hunters has opened its beta version of its third system for trial to its members. Non-members are also welcome to try this version but I'm not sure how the request is made ... maybe by contacting him via Yahoo! Messenger which can be found in his blog???

Being a member I had the privilege to try the system last night making 4 trades (7+8+5+5 pips), all profits. This method uses the TF15min and TF5min. It's a lot faster to gain profits this way.

However, it's still too early to tell of the consistency, but so far Don (Fx Hunter guru) claims to be doing very well ...

For those who are unfamiliar with Fx hunters ... it is a forex community started by Don (from Sabah) and the system used is also named as such. Fx hunters runs a blog at

Monday, August 18, 2008


Makeup services by Jason, a.k.a my brother. If you yearn for that 'look' when you go for weddings, parties and so on, you may contact Jason without hesitation. He has his blog available at this link

Boric Acid Test

Boric acid is a substance that can be found in some processed noodles, if unlucky, and is known to treat the body will all kinds of ailments. So be CAREFUL ...

But HEY! There's good news ... We can actually trace this acid from a simple experiment we all can do at home. But bad news is we're all lazy to go practical.

Ok, what you need is a mee sample, serbuk kunyit (tumeric), a bowl and water that's boiling hot.

Place the mee sample in a bowl. Then toss 'kunyit' over its surface. Pour in boiling water and let it soak for a few minutes. If boric acid is traced, the mixture will turn red. No change in colour if the compound is absent.

That's all folks! This info was provided by Jabatan Kimia, which was present at the Misti Mosti expo in 1-Borneo last weekend. Lots of people were attracted to the free pens, notebooks and other items, and also information of course. :) ...

There is a mascot for Misti Mosti, which symbolizes an astronaut. I spotted him wandering around the mall in an astro suit made of cotton ... Something disturbing about his eyes though. Looks like he's got eye infection or something. Which probably explains why he doesn't want join the crowd.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Just Passing By

I took 2 shots of the Likas mosque while being in a car in motion. The kinetic situation desired a fast shutter speed. I underexposed the picture to get bluer skies. Contrast and colour adjusments were made in Photoshop.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Demo Trading

I am a member of Fx hunters, and using its system as a platform for my forex trades. Fx hunters system has an accuracy of 90%. Trade signals and rules must be followed strictly in order to win. I did not have consistent wins though much due to lack of experience and a weak understanding of the entry rules.

This has led me to incorporate another indicator, which is used to clearly define the direction of the trend. It has worked ok so far in demo. I will be trying out more demo trades till I manage to get consistent wins daily.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Elevator Tease

I got this picture quite a long time back via email. First timers would probably receive a spine chilling reaction to the visually disturbing perspective of the elevator. Almost believable but highly unlikely ...

Another Networking Business

Long have I heard of networking biz using Wang Pos tactics. Once more a friend who's opposed to this sort of industry suddenly ends up promoting it. Life's like dat anyway ... I didn't go into the details of this biz but from what I can vaguely gather is dat the initial is RM120. Introduce to 1 person, you'll get RM30. So 5 persons is RM150. You'll receive your bonus in the form of Wang Pos. For every direct introducer is RM30. And when your downline introduces his friends, you will receive RM10 ... Network grows = Income grows ... Similar to MLM ...

1st Level = RM30
2nd-7th Level = RM10

Advantages :
1) Affordable (only RM120)
2) No selling products

Disadvantages :
1) Regular visits to Post Office ... :)

One company that does this sort of biz is mpragency. They have a website available, just google the company and you'll find it.

Movie this Dec

Sci-fi thriller 'The Day The Earth Stood Still' is set to premier this December. Starring Keanu Reeves, this movie is a remake of the 1951 classic. Keanu plays the role of an alien intelligence in human form and somehow the story leads to the massive destruction and fatality on planet Earth. This should be a highly anticipated movie. Just hope it will not turn out like 'The Happening', which has a poor plot and weak ending.

Make-up Service

Us brothers are not inclined to technical things like electrical and electronics. Our DNA is designed for the arts. That's why it is only natural that my youngest brother, Jason, has a much appreciated interest in the cosmetic line, i.e. make-up. At 18, he has already been exposed to the BIG events such as the HARVEST FESTIVAL celebration held last May. He was among the make-up maestros busy with adorning the faces of our local pageants to present the winning look.

Since then, his make-up inventory has grown more complicated and requests from others have also followed the same fate. His recent portfolio includes wedding events and this week he will be attending to another client at Tang Dynasty hotel for a wedding reception.

His blog has been recently set-up at

If you would like to engage his make-up service or ask for quotations, you are welcome to do so. His contact details can be found in his blog.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Google adSense

I am a frequent visitor of coz I like reading whatever content it has. In today's post, Huai Bin (the infamous blog owner), related his excitement on his latest cheque payment for his google adsense endeavor. His previous earnings ranged from USD100 to USD300, roughly translated to RM is 300-900.

Apparently, from his marked reaction and drastically changed behavioral patterns, I'm guessing that he's received significantly more than what he's used to. The figures on the cheque was purposely blurred out for impossible identification but I think he did imply the amount in his analogy of the Romans and Jews. If my interpretation is correct the amount due to him was USD15000!!!

All that from google adsense!!! Gotta look into this biz ...

ClickBank ... What is it?

ClickBank is another online business alternative, much like affiliate marketing. But there is a difference.

Affiliate marketing or also known as a reseller program is an online business that anyone can participate in, and often offers one to a few products. Usually, becoming an affiliate is FREE but some require that you buy the product before you can participate in marketing. Commissions are paid when sales are made.

ClickBank is a web portal that offers a wider range of products. Members will be given a unique link for promotion and all links will lead to a main site, ClickBank Mall. Vast choices of products are avaible for sale and when there is a sale made from your link, commission will be paid out accordingly into your bank account. Commission amount depends on the type of product purchased and can be up to 75% of the price!!! That's very interesting indeed. For more info you can visit the link below :

ClickBank link.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Free e-book on internet entrepreneurs. (Bahasa Melayu)

Kesilapan Usahawan Muda Internet

Name Dis Robot

Superheroes to be on-screen

The Green Lantern is said to be in development for a live action movie adaptation. I find it difficult to imagine how I could take this one seriously, unless Christopher Nolan directs the movie. My personal take on this movie is that it will be similar to The FANTASTIC FOUR, good but not BLOCKBUSTER material. But I do hope that I am proven wrong.

In light of the success of Ironman, a sequel will be released in 2010. THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA are also being talked of and highly probable for on-screen appearance.

And I guess many have heard of a WOLVERINE movie for 2009. The trailer is now available in youtube. No high expectation for this one ... TRANSFORMERS 2 - REVENGE OF THE FALLEN ... This is where my ticket will go!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Free Ebook, Forex

Santai Forex blog is going to issue a guide to Forex entitled 'Panduan Forex Santai Forex' for FREE in the coming month, 15 September 2008. There is nothing mentioned about the contents of this ebook. The link to the site is on my blog ... Click Forex Blog 1 at the top of this page.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Dark Knight Parody

If you have seen The Dark Knight, you won't fail to notice the deep coarse overtones of the Batman (Christian Bale) which has got some people's attention to a point which merits a parody.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Bboy Hong10

Korean bboys have dominated the world stage. Hong 10 is one of the legendary figures in Korean breakdance.

Internet Business - Affiliate

You might want to consider trying out an affiliate program if you are thinking of earning extra income. Affiliate programs are easy to do. There is no cost involved. You can promote our affiliate program to others by emails, forums, facebook, friendster and so on.

Here is one program that is easy to sell on the internet. For every sale you are paid RM20 commission. redzone4u lets you watch channels all over the world via your PC. All you need is a fast broadband connection (e.g. Streamyx). Click below to know more ...

I have already started earning commissions from this program. I promote my business anywhere I can. The more you promote, the more your chances of having sales. Send to as many emails as you can. You can also start a blog promoting your online business like the one below ... Good luck.