Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Taekwondo Demo

Last Sunday 13 July a demonstration of Korean martial art, Taekwondo, was held at Padang Merdeka, KK. This is also the first time I have seen Koreans showcasing their national sport.

This event aims at promoting their ITC, International Taekwondo Centre, at Likas. I bet that the fee would be expensive!!!

The demonstration team is from a Korean University and comprises teenage boys and 1 girl who kicks super fast. The demo was carefully planned and had several scenes like board breaking, dancing, high flying kicks with acrobatics, cops vs theives, speed breaking and blindfolded acts. It was an incredible performance despite the wet field caused by the rain.

At the end of the show, while my wife and I walked to our car, we saw a man pouring some art of fighting wisdom to his son which he reflected physically by doing a forward fighting stance in public which lasted 2 seconds or so ... I managed to overhear his choice of words 'you must focus' ... Wow! That show must've really inspired him ...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Update on Fuel Saver

It's named the Neo-Dy Fuel Saver from Edymium Network Sdn Bhd. The last time I touched on this, I only fixed 1 at the fuel line of an Iswara Aeroback 1.3 ... Only today I fixed 2 more which are separated an inch apart from one another.

I found that fixing only 1 will not significantly show signs of reduced consumption of fuel ... but I noticed 2 very distinct differences ... When starting the engine in the mornings, we usually encounter jerkiness when we drive the car immediately ... but when using the 1 piece fuel saver, the car never did this anymore ... Also pickup is much more responsive when I push the peddle ... Engine runs smoother as well ...

The recommended fuel saver pieces to be fixed is 2 for a 1.3 engine in order for us to notice fuel saving capabilities. I will conduct an observation on this and will update on the performance later.

Performance Updates :

This is the finding of the performance of fuel saver on a 1.3cc proton iswara aeroback

Price of fuel RM1.90/litre (before election)
RM30 can travel 180km without fuel saver

Price of fuel RM2.70/litre (after election)
RM30 can travel 160km with fuel saver installed

Meniaga Lain Macam (MLM)

MLM businesses has sprouted and boomed. I am currently with Edymium Network but not actively promoting the business because I have reached a point where I am just lazy to make an effort. For the time being, my downlines are making some sales and this in effect provides me with some residual income though not fantastic ...

Being involved in MLM exposes you to other businesses of this like. Somehow the very people you have presented before will get back to you and promote their MLM choices instead. At this point, I find it too boring already to hear other marketing plans that claim better ... 2 weeks ago I was approached by a friend who did Edymium and is now promoting another network marketing company which has established itself far earlier than the former. He related the info via sms which specifically mentioned that if I am interested I should reply ... But I didn't so this means that I am not interested. Right. So I thought he got the message.

Then a second sms reached me and this time sounded like a desperate persuasion to join. But I didn't heed ... And then yesterday he used a different tactic to invite me to listen by asking his biz partner to call ... I am used to hearing things like 'Saya baru join dan sudah dapat RM3000' and 'Kami sekarang berabis promote di tamu dan lain-lain tempat, memang senang lah!' ... that sort of things ... Aiya! I lazy oredi wat, leave me alone ... hehehehe ...

There are people who can make a fortune out of MLM. Unfortunately, I am not those selected people. Today, I have moved on to something that's entirely different but very rewarding non the less. The Foreign Exchange!!!